16liter by wheel

This sprayer is designed to be pulled or pushed by hand.
Pour solution into the tank and stir to mix. For liquid chemicals
it is possible to mix by spraying the handgun into the tank.
Turn the switch to the “ON” position and spray by squeezing
the lever on the handgun. The unit is supplied with a
demand pump that will only operate while the lever on the
handgun is depressed.

MP002 – 5 liter

Professional Sprayer

              (5 liters)

MP001- 10 Liter


Professional Sprayer         (10 liter)

MP001-4 liter


Professional Sprayer 

(4 liter)





SF 20

Voltage/Power : DC 16V/400W
Tank Capacity : 2.5L
Sprayer Volume : 50-260ml/min(adjustable)
Droplet Size : 20-160um
Effective Range : 6-8m
Net Weight : 5.5kg
Measurement : 560*260*290mm

Using the latest in battery technology, the SF20 ULV fogger has been specially designed to produce
up to 40 min. of continuous fogging time with only 3 hours of charging it me. Features include a 2.5  liters
(0.5 Gal.) tank, an advanced SF 20 motor from France, one speed control and with an
adjustable droplet size of 5-50 microns. Thanks to its compact design, this fogger is ideal for spraying
in smaller spaces including domestic properties as well as food preparation areas, car valets and offices.
In addition, the power can be halved, reducing noise levels, which makes it ideal for hospitals, nursing
homes and schools. 


ULV 3 nozels SZ03


Size: 420x200x330(mm)
Power Supply : 600W (110V/220V, Optional)
Chemical Tank : 4L
Net Weight : 3.5 KG
Spraying range: 6M
Sparying Speed: 0-260ml/min
Mist Size: < 15 u m




Size: 360x256x405 (mm)
Power Supply : 1200W (110V/220V, Optional)
Chemical Tank : 4L
Net Weight : 3.1 KG
Spraying range: 6M
Sparying Speed: 0-300ml/min
Mist Size: < 20 u m
Working Temperature : 0°C-40°C
Working humidity : Equal or less than 90%



Solution tank capacity: 6L
Fuel tank capacity : 2L
Fuel consumption: 1.5-2l/h
Combustion chamber output: 18.6/25.2 KW/HP
Maximum flow rate : 42l/h
Flow rate with oil :0-45 l/h
Electricity : 4×1.5V batteries
Solution tank pressure : 0.25 bar
Fuel tank pressure: 0.06 bar




Size: 710×390(mm)
Power Supply: Dry cell 2×1.5v
Chemical tank: 5.5L
Oil tank: 1.1L
Net weight: 10.8KG
Oil consumption: 1L/H
Spraying Volume: 15L/H
Fuel: 90# purified petrol
Aerosol:0# diesel oil

Termatrix Bait

       TermatriX Set  [Termite Baiting System ]

The TermatriX Termite Elimination  System has been designed as professional termite elimination system installed by Professional Pest Management companies who have undergone specific training in the identification and implementation of integrated pest management plans . Termatrix is designed to attract and eliminate termites in a safe non invasive way . The TermatriX termite bait is a registered product under the requirement of legislation administered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary medicines Authority .

[ Brochure ]

TermatriX-homeowner-V02-Oct-2012-e-brochure1.pdf (19 downloads) MSDS-TermatriX-Termite-Bait.pdf (17 downloads) [Download not found]